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"Using oils is simple, not expensive and very effective. In consultation with the Aromaflex therapists, I have created many blends for myself which not only supports my health but also gives me a lift or help me relax when I need to. The uses of essential oils are endless - from cleaning your kitchen surface to getting shinier hair. It's great to know you are using only natural ingredients on yourself and your family." - Nina.

"Childrens Sleep Easy Synergy" - Great product, really recommend it. I just put a few drops on my daughter's pillow each night and she fell asleep straight away." - Sonya.

"Amazing place to get your scent and mind open, really friendly and knowledgeable staff. I love to come here to get beautiful mixes for my clients to relax, uplift and feel good." - Julie.

"My happy place to go! Aromaflex has classical atmosphere and a wide range of attractive aroma selections. When you come to Aromaflex, you can open to renew your senses to wellness. Staff are very knowledgeable and friendly to help you. Highly recommended!" - Junko.

"I used to have terrible oily skin but have been using the 'nourishing facial oil' for about 1.5 years and it's made an enormous difference. I had previously tried so many different products and I'm thrilled to find something that really works. And... it always smells great in there." - Meta.

"Very friendly and personal service at Aromaflex. It's the one and only place I trust to come in and have a personalised skin consultation and have a specific blend tailor-made for my skin. Definitely coming back for more." - Waning.

"I love Aromaflex! The staff are very knowledgeable and always happy to help. The quality of the products and great service ensure that I will be a long-term customer." - Paula.

"I have used the Cellulite Blend previously and have found that it worked amazingly! I've always loved using essential oils and Aromaflex's Cellulite Blend is something I apply everyday and I definitely noticed the difference and it also smells amazing!" - Grace B.

"The Detoxifying Blend has helped me so much with a cyst on the back of my knee, now the pain is almost non-existent. I can literally feel the warmth back in my lower leg." - Claudi.

"I have been using the OOS/RSI Blend for several years and find it soothes and releases the tension in my muscles. I highly recommend this." - B. Hargreaves.

"I've tried beard oils and creams from all over the world via the internet - none work as well as 'The Man Cave Oils'. They blend in well, leaving no mess. They smell great and my beard always feels soft. People are always commenting on the difference the oils have made. - Toby.

"I have used the Sports Before and After Blend for several years. My friends and family have experienced the benefits as well, and we all highly recommend. A quality product that heals and nurtures tired aching muscles. Excellent for OOS RSI massage. I struggle with lower back pain and often daily exercise can cause it to flare up. A rub-down with this gets me mobile again." - Carla, Nelson.

"My husband has been a chronic hayfever/sinus sufferer since early childhood (both parents were smokers as well) approximately every 5 years he also endures surgery to clear re-occurring polyps from the breathing and nasal passages. Sadly over recent years he has also developed asthma. He does not ever remember being able to "smell".  Now - I'm not sure if he never had a sense of smell, or it it was destroyed by the constant use of prescribed nasal sprays used in his childhood years - or maybe even destroyed by secondhand smoke - who knows. Following advise from Shelley at Aromaflex, I have been using peppermint oil in my burner whilst studying at home over the last 5 months, twice a week on average. In early April, for the first time that my husband can ever remember, he started to detect aroma's in the environment. Last week it was 'Daphne' that I had placed in a vase in the kitchen, the week before oranges in the fruit bowl. Both of us, are certain that the initiation and healing of my husband's sense of smell has been bought about by the wonderful healing powers of the peppermint essence. To have a guy in his late 40's learning what smells are! It's awesome and exciting! Although at this stage it would seem he is able to detect the sweet rather than the pungent smells." - Karin, Hamilton.

"Two years ago I had a mastectomy, unfortunately contracted an infection which took some time to control. I needed physio to regain movement in my arm again and was referred to a Physiotherapist, who recommended using Aromaflex oils created by Shelley Monrad. I have used Shelley's essential oils ever since. Shelley used a combination of natural oils which she knows will be beneficial in our recovery, recently I ran out of my oil and used Bio Oil until I could get my usual oil from Shelley. I will never do that again as I had a massive reaction and needed to go to my doctor who prescribed a cream to combat the reaction." - Norma 
Norma had breast cancer with a large contorted scar which caused a huge amount of discomfit, which with the use of Shelley's Aromaflex oils has changed the nature of the scar making it soft and pliable, and life so much easier with no pain.

"I just wanted to write and say thank you! Hopefully you remember me, my husband Paul and I visited your shop in February when I was pregnant and purchased various blends from you and I've subsequently purchased more products online. I used the 'Stretch Mark #1 Blend' and didn't have any stretch marks until 7.5 months when I ran out of the blend! The absolute best blend though is 'The Labour Blend'. I rubbed some on my tummy the morning before I was due and my waters broke that night. During labour my husband rubbed some more on my tummy and our daughter was born a couple of hours later. My second stage of labour was only 40 minutes and the whole thing was only 8 hours, which as you probably know is pretty quick for a first pregnancy. Unfortunately our wee baby girl suffers from a lot of colic, which is hard on all of us, but she does enjoy her evening bath followed by a massage with your 'Infants Massage Blend'. I knew I found a treasure the day we stumbled across your shop while on holiday. You provide quality products and great customer service and although in Adelaide, I will continue shopping with you and recommending you to others." - Karen, Adelaide, Australia.